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Monday, April 21st, 2008
3:46 pm
LINE ART please view safe for work updated to picture thats easier to see
Here is my latest work am having to do this for a assignment a line art drawing oif a burger, last time she said it looked too rushed so am hopping she likes it this time, it isnt finished yet but what do you think so far? please let me know as i want this to look good and her to like it seeing as i am worse in my class at drawing, and before you say the onion and tomatoe sauce is not done yet just look at bun burger cheese lettuce and seeds, plus cant add color as we are supposed to do one line art one siloettee however you spell it and one colorised version, please reply with your opinions please, thank you all in advance.

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
4:28 am
Darkzone Reminder
A reminder to everyone that Darkzone is on this weekend, from midnight Saturday night to 7am Sunday. We're meeting at Flinders Street from 10:45 to catch the 11:00 Belgrave train to Box Hill. If you would like to come along and haven't already told us, please reply to this post so we know how many people to expect.

Monday, April 23rd, 2007
2:34 pm
II Event: Darkzone!
Hi everyone,

II is once again running a midnight-to-dawn Darkzone event! For those who haven't been to one of these before, it involves spending seven hours running around a maze shooting at people with lasers. These events have been an II tradition for over four years, usually held once a semester.

Date: Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th of May
Time: Midnight to 7:00am Sunday morning
Price: $30
Place: 942-946 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, just around the corner from the Box Hill train station. We will be catching the 11:00 Belgrave train from Flinders Street, meeting at the station from around 10:45. If you prefer to make your own way there - keep in mind that the doors shut at midnight, so don't be late!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
3:46 pm
A little light reality
So, I'm guessing that you're looking forward to the relief from the usual oversanitised sanity that you'll find in the IMU freeform, but after that's all done, it's back to the sleepy silence of society, right?

Well, if you want to know a little more about the world and strip off a layer of its skin, I'm offering you the chance to gather some information.

Interested? I thought you might be.

Yes, yes, magic is real, but don't let me get distracted like that, you know full well you've displayed some of the native intelligence and cunning required to make sure you can become who and what we are without getting caught, it's time for you to meet some others.

Oh, you've met them already. I can't say I'm surprised, there's a fair number of ways to meet people even if it's not being there in person and you know they have a ready supply of useful information, do you? Well, I'm sure they're hiding some things from you, but as long as they're giving you reliable information, find out what they know. You see we need you to tell us what people know about magic out there. Not just things that are written in ancient books, but the stuff that can play about with the patterns of reality. Yes, you really can do that, you just haven't learned enough yet. So go on, get all the information you can from wherever you can find it. You need to know what's going on young one, and there really isn't much time.

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, I'm running a Mage game set in the Modern world and could use a couple more budding information junkies. Ideally two more or so, but it'll depend on how people an work together. It might be fun to watch two groups with the same world and see what they can find out.

Anyone who wants to play and can handle the idea of a highly political game without a whole lot of destroying the street in almighty explosions, feel free to let me know in person, by replying or by email. I'd like to get this off the ground as soon as possible.
12:20 pm
II Event: IMU
Hi everyone,

This week's II event is an IMU freeform roleplaying session. IMU is a roleplaying game set in a slightly different Melbourne University, where aliens, mages, demons and anthropomorphic personifications mingle with conspiracy theorists, crusaders for truth and justice, and even the occasional ordinary person. No rules knowledge or roleplaying experience is required, since this game was specifically designed to provide an introduction to roleplaying for new players and GMs.


Dear student,

Thank you for enrolling in Applied Ethics of Quantum Biomechanics. I hope that you this course will prove to be of considerable educational value. Please find enclosed your enrolment details.

Date: Thursday 5th of April
Time: 1:00 - 4:00
Place: Second floor of Union House, Graham Cornish A (the room formerly known as Ugrad A).
Other: Firearms, explosives, unidentified flying objects and penguins must be checked in upon arrival. Magic may only be practiced by licensed professionals over the age of 18.

Yours sincerely,
The Professor
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
2:22 pm
II Event: GM Training Day
Hi everyone,

In recent weeks, several people have mentioned that they would like to
get involved in GMing games, but don't really know where to start. To
help new people find out more about running games, this week's II
event will be a GM training day. We will have several experienced GMs
give a short talk about their thoughts on GMing, followed by a group

Guest speakers include:
* neo_leviathan, who has been running a D&D campaign for almost
two years, and has also GMed several one-off games in various systems.
* sols_light, who has GMed two freeform campaigns and has
another game planned.
* (not yet confirmed) aurellia, who has GMed four campaigns
and several convention games in a variety of systems.

We hope that this will be an entertaining and informative afternoon
for everyone, including people considering GMing a game, experienced
GMs who may appreciate a different perspective on GMing, as well as
interested observers.

Date: Thursday 29th of March
Time: 1:00 - 4:00
Place: Joe Nap A, Union House.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
9:21 pm
II Event: Icecream Crawl
Hi everyone,

This Thursday (22nd of March) II will be having an icecream crawl, heading out from the second floor of Union House a bit after 1:00 pm, and exploring the various gelati and icecream places on Lygon Street, and possibly farther afield, until around 4:00pm. If you are running late and want to catch up, the first stop on our route will be Casa del Gelato on Lygon Street.

This may be our last opportunity to enjoy the warm weather for this semester, with the temperature for tomorrow expected to be 33 degrees, so come along and enjoy this icecream tour of Carlton!

Date: Thursday the 22nd of March
Time: 1:00 – 4:00
Place: Leaving from the second floor of Union House at about 1:15
What to bring: Yourself, and some money if you’re planning to buy icecream.


P.S. Membership cards will also be available tomorrow, so if you haven’t picked yours up yet, come along to the icecream crawl.
Friday, January 12th, 2007
9:07 am
Housemate Wanted
Guess what? Once again we've had someone move out of Nunan Street (the last 3 have all been asian guys from the same church who've randomly moved in, hung around for a month and left).

So, we are looking for a new housemate for the big upstairs room.

Location: 17 Nunan Street, East Brunswick
PT: 5 minute walk from the #1, #8 (Lygon st) and maybe 10 minutes from the Nicholson st tram lines. 1/2 hour from the city by PT at 8 in the morning, less at other times of the day (that includes walking from the house and waiting for a tram).
House: Relatively new, have all the usual stuff like fridges, couch, TV, DVD, surround sound, ADSL internet, washing machine, clothesdryer, dishwasher etc etc.
Room: Large (takes up the entire top floor), unfurnished.
Rent: $395.50 per month (1 month = 4.3 weeks) + bills

Interested? Leave a comment!
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
11:49 pm
Darkzone Reminder
Hi everyone,

To celebrate the end of exams, II will be running a midnight-to-dawn Darkzone event on Saturday the 25th of November. Come along and get rid of some of that exam stress by spending the entire night shooting your friends with lasers! The price will be $25 for people who were sold at the slave auction, and $30 for others. Places are limited, so if you haven't already booked, please reply ASAP, otherwise you may miss out. Either leave a comment on this post, or email inifiniteimages (at) gmail (dot) com

Date: Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th November
Time: Midnight to 7:00am Sunday morning
Price: $25 for slaves, $30 for others
Place: 942-946 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. This is just around the corner from the Box Hill train station. We will be catching the 11:06 Belgrave train from Flinders Street, meeting at the train platform from around 10:45. If you prefer to make your own way there - keep in mind that the doors shut at midnight, so don't be late! A reminder of these details will be sent out closer to the date.

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
1:04 pm
II Event: Ninja Burger
Hi everyone,

This week's event is the Ninja Burger Freeform run by sols_light and lieutenantrah.

You WILL join the Ninja Burger team! Or you will die!!!

We're looking for qualified candidates to join our team.
There's a reason we're the number one online clandestine fast food delivery service: we eliminate all who oppose our clan!

Employee qualifications:
Positive attitude
Team player
Like challenge
Kill with single touch
Criminal record not a problem

Employee benefits:
Employee meals
Competitive wages
Exciting work environment
Free uniform including Tabi Boots and Ninja sword!

Ninja Burger: Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit Seppuku!

(From the Ninja Burger website: http://www.ninjaburger.com/)

Time: 2:00pm (NOTE DIFFERENT TIME! Since sols_light has class from 1 to 2)
Date: Thursday the 12th of October
Place: Ugrad A

The game is for 6+ people, so there shouldn't be any problems with numbers, but please comment here or email infiniteimages at gmail dot com to let us know if you'd like to play.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
12:00 pm
II Event: Dice Draft
Hi everyone,

This Thursday's II event is the Dice Draft. We have 2 pounds of dice, all shapes and colours, so come along and draft some new dice for your collection. Since there is a limited amount of dice, we might not have enough for everyone if a lot of people sign up, so please book in advance by commenting on this post or emailing inifiniteimages (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, if we have time afterwards, we may also play lawn bowls with dice (the die with the highest number that's closest to the goal wins).

Time: 1:00pm Thursday 5th of October
Place: Second Floor of Union House

See you there!

Edit for people who don't know how a draft works: Everyone sits around a table in a circle, and dice get randomly divided among the group. You choose a die, pass the rest to the person next to you, and so on until all dice have been chosen.
Friday, September 29th, 2006
8:56 am
Sugar ball
As you may or may not be aware, FAS2 is proud to host this year's Sugar Ball - the annual Second Floor costume ball, with extra sugar!

Sugar Ball : Darkness and Light theme
Friday 6th October, 6pm
Greenroom, Frank Tate Building, Melbourne Uni
Entry $5 for club & union members, $10 non-members
RSVP 4th October to fas2 [dot] committee [at] gmail [dot] com
(surcharge applies without RSVP)

Please forward on to anyone you believe interested. X-posted to 2ndfloorkorner, foul_chas, infinite_images.
Thursday, August 31st, 2006
6:45 am
UniCon this weekend
Just a reminder to everyone that UniCon is running this weekend at Melbourne University, in the Arts Centre building (corner of Grattan and Swanston Streets). Registration begins at 9am Saturday, and the first games will be running from 10am onwards. If you haven't pre-booked, you can still show up and register on the day.

Also, for anyone who would like to help with setting up and registration, most of the con orgs will be arriving at around 7am to start setting up. Any help, particularly on Saturday morning and Sunday evening, will be very much appreciated :-)

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
10:22 pm
Hi everyone,

The notorious midnight-to-dawn Darkzone event will once again be running this semester, as an end of exams party, on Saturday the 25th of November. Come along and get rid of some of that exam stress by spending the entire night shooting your friends with lasers! The price will be $25 for people who were sold at the slave auction, and $30 for others. Since places are limited, please reply as soon as possible to book a place, otherwise you may miss out. Either leave a comment on this post, or email inifiniteimages (at) gmail (dot) com

Date: Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th November
Time: Midnight to 7:00am Sunday morning
Price: $25 for slaves, $30 for others
Place: 942-946 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. This is just around the corner from the Box Hill train station. We will be catching the 11:00 train from Flinders Street, meeting from around 10:45. If you prefer to make your own way there - keep in mind that the doors shut at midnight, so don't be late! A reminder of these details will be sent out closer to the date.

10:13 pm
Unicon Reminder
Just a reminder to people interested in going to UniCon – online registrations finish on Tuesday, so make sure you’ve signed up! You can still show up on the day even if you haven’t signed up in advance, but the longer you wait, the more chance that some games will be booked out. You can register for UniCon here.

Also, there has been a new freeform added to the list: the Muppets Family X-Mess, which is run by Stephen Soymonoff.
Saturday, September 16th, 2006
12:52 am
Sign up to UniCon!
UniCon will be running Saturday September 30th and Sunday October 1st, at Melbourne University. UniCon is a gaming convention run annually by the roleplaying clubs of Melbourne and Monash.

There will be a variety of tabletop and freeform roleplaying events, as well as miniatures games and Bartok card games. The complete list of events can be found here. The cost is $5 entry, plus $5 per session, or $30 for a "Get Wrecked" pass which lets you play in any number of roleplaying games. For miniatures games, the costs are $25 for one session or $40 for two, which includes registration.

Also, we need volunteers to help out with registration and setting up on the morning of Saturday 30th, as well as to help with the canteen through the entire con. If you're willing to help out even for an hour or two, please email unicon_games@yahoo.com.au, or talk to altheas or myself in the Basement or during any II event.

If you have any questions about the convention, send us an email at unicon_games@yahoo.com.au
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
6:18 pm
II Event: IMU freeform
Hi everyone,

This Thursday's II event will be the Illuminated Melbourne University freeform.

You're just another new student at the Illuminated Melbourne University - or at least that's what you want them to think. Because you have a secret that sets you apart from the normal students around you. And now you've been invited to participate in the annual Scav Hunt, together with a team of your classmates. Will this at last provide you with the opportunity you've been waiting for, the chance to achieve your true goal?

IMU will be GMed by aurellia, lieutenantrah, neo_leviathan and myself. No rules knowledge is required, so this game would make a perfect introduction to roleplaying for new players. Up to 20 people can play, so we should be able to include everyone who wants to join in, though first choice will go to the first people to show up. There will also be food provided for players, as part of the game.

Time: 1:00 pm Thursday 14th of September
Place: Joe Nap A

See you on Thursday!
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
10:37 pm
You are hereby all invited to aslan42's and pearl's official grand housewarming thingie!!!

Time: 15:00 Sunday 17th September
Place: Somewhere in Reservoir

As I don't really want to be posting my details all over the internet, then if you are interested in coming send an email to my LJ name at gmail dot com, and I will send you the pertinent details like the actual address, and means of getting here via public transport.

I will tell you that we are in Zone 1, and that you can get here very easily via either the Epping train line or the 86 Bundoora RMIT tram.

The party will basically keep going until everyone leaves, presumably sometime that night, so feel free to show up whenever you feel like it.

Hope to see you all there,

(X-posted lots of places.)
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
9:32 pm
Housemate Wanted
We have a spot at Nunan Street opening up for a potential housemate.
Move in time is anywhere from a week from now to the end of the month.
It's the bloody huge attic room up for availability.
Anyone vaugely interested, reply here with what additional info you want.


PS - yes, I know this email is extremely rough and uninformative. I plead the fact that I found out this news immediately after getting home from work as the reason.
7:48 am
II Event: Starship Troopers
Hi everyone,

This Thursday's II event will be the Starship Troopers movie screening and RPG. Anyone can come along and watch the movie; and the first six people to sign up will also be able to play the game, which is run by neo_leviathan.

Tired of having to write seven pages of background for a character? Tired of having more mystical skills than a pantheon? Tired of just not being able to kill the PCs? Just want to cut loose and blow stuff up? Then the Mobile Infantry needs YOU!

The Melbourne University Research Installation has been invaded by bugs, and a tough, skilled, trigger happy crew is needed to weed them out.

I'm doing my part, are you?

To sign up to the game, please reply to this post.

Time: 1:00pm Thursday
Place: Joe Nap B

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